Illenium Client

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Free 1.8.8 Minecraft client for cracked and premium players with special cosmetics, emotes and mods.

Premium and cracked?

Everything you should know

Illenium is able to support Premium and Cracked users. There are, however, a few things that should be noted.

As a premium user, however, you have no points to consider. Just log in and get started.

But as Cracked it's different. First you need a verified forum account. Either you create it manually in the forum or register via the launcher. So far finished? Well so far. Now log in to the launcher with the forum account. Then you start the game. You can now log in in the main menu at the top left with the "Cracked Login" button. You can call yourself whatever you want, AS LONG AS the name is not taken in Minecraft, or another cracked user already has that name in use at Illenium at the moment. Your cosmetics and emotes are tied to your forum account. You can call yourself whatever you want in the game. However, if you play with a premium account, you have the cosmetics and emotes of its accounts again. So these are separate and CANNOT be transferred.

To ask? Then get in touch with Ticket Support on the official Illenium Discord.

  • Easy Installation

    Installation is very simple. Run and start the installer. You need help? Check out the download page.

  • Cosmetics

    Illenium has free and paid cosmetics. You can buy them here in the shop. Support us now. ❤

  • Design

    We pay great attention to the user-friendly and clear design. You can set all colors in the game. Where else is that? 😋

  • Performance

    Illenium offers a performance boost on most systems and a general stabilization of the frames through the FPS Boost Mod.

  • At the moment we are still working on the network. That's why everything remains a little secret.

    But you can already save the minecraft server illenium.cc to the server list, so you don't miss anything!

  • Contact Us

    Need help, have cool ideas, or want to report a bug?